About Us

AKY Information Technology Energy Consultancy Limited Company meets the needs of different sectors in the field of information technologies with its fast, efficient, innovative, high quality and R & D oriented solutions. It aims to increase the development of our country in the field of technology, to reduce dependence on foreign countries and to improve the world standards in the field of information technologies.

Management Systems Policy


Application Development

We make the right analysis for your needs and develop a new system, pass this system through the testing stages and provide maintenance and support for this system throughout its life. Our main goal is to minimize the labor force and to ensure that resources are used more efficiently, and to create applications that can be managed and monitored more easily.

R & D Projects

We continue our R&D in order to turn the technology into a more efficient tool for everyone, to guide the future of technology and to set new standards. Our main principle is to support all kinds of research and development activities for the development of our education, science and technology.

Specific Software Solutions

We provide solutions for small and medium sized companies with special and innovative software that we develop, and we produce software that fully satisfies the needs of large-scale organizations.

Mobile Applications

We are developing software for use on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers, which are the basic necessities today’s world and almost everyone uses them, and we aim to make daily life easier and more practical with these software.

Web Based Projects

Today, web-based applications are increasing day by day. The biggest reasons are:
Web-based applications can be accessed from anywhere,
Web-based projects can work without the need for powerful hardware,
No need for customized computer programs (Additional Programs etc …),
  Stable and fast according to desktop programs.
For these reasons, we aim to take you to a better point by preparing Web-based Applications specific to you and your services in the areas your company needs.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    With the help of the systems we developed, firms can improve their relationship with existing customers, increase the number of customers and ensure that all customers are retained. We produce solutions that make the relationship of the companies with customers more effective, efficient and profitable.

    Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

    We are developing solutions to improve the quality of internal management processes, to gain the consciousness of acting jointly by creating coordination between organizations, to have an organizational structure that can take faster and more accurate decision making, and we are developing planning tools for the future.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    We aim to minimize your total cost with systems that enable you to use your existing resources effectively with centralized management approach and get the most from your business.

    Document and Archive Management

    With these systems developed for organizing and managing information and documents, we aim to provide you with scans and indexes of frequently returned physical documents and provide quick access to these documents.
    DMS Document Management System, DAMS Document Archive Management Systems, EDMS Electronic Document Management Systems. These systems offer different services and modules, such as opening, querying, viewing, reporting for users who are authorized.


System Software

By meeting the software needs of infrastructure systems and providing additional solutions for these systems, we create safer, high performance and flexible systems. We are working to get maximum efficiency from the hardware used for database, operating systems, backup and virtualization.

♦ Operating Systems

♦ Database Solutions

♦ Virtualization Solutions

♦ Disaster Recovery Solutions

♦ Backup-Restore


Security Solutions

One of the most important and sensitive issues in information systems is the security and reliability of the system. Safety is the most important need especially for large-scale systems with critical data or trading operations. In network security, we offer you the best solutions as local software security systems.

♦ Network Security

♦ Penetration Test

♦ DLP – Data Loss/Leak Prevention

♦ Antivirus Solutions

♦ Encryption-Decryption


IT Management Solutions

By providing the management and administration centers of all information systems with fully automated reliable processes, minimize the problems caused by human error, ensure that information technology management can respond to the demands more quickly and thus aim to maximize the service quality.

♦ Network Management

♦ Service Management

♦ Server Management

♦ Security Management

♦ System and Database Management

♦ Project management

♦ Identity Management

♦ Inventory Management

♦  Application Management


Infrastructure Services

One of the most fundamental components of a quality system is the infrastructure on which the system is built. We develop solutions that comply with international standards with its performance, security, scalability, flexibility infrastructure solutions addressing customer needs.

♦ Network solutions

♦ Data Storage Solutions

♦ Firewall

♦ Server Solutions & Load Balancer

♦ Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions

♦ Encryption

♦ Log Management

♦ Maintenance and Support


♦ Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services have been increasing exponentially in our country in recent years. Knowing the basic operating principle of a system, its outstanding features, advantages or disadvantages, its compatibility with other systems will bring you high performance, time and more benefits. Our company provides consultancy services in the field of information technologies with its experienced and expert staff.


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